Where is Cedar Key, Florida?

While some say Cedar Key is a state of mind, we're offering to help you find its physical location. Cedar Key is located in north central Florida on the Gulf coast. We are about 1 hour southwest of Gainesville, 2.25 hours north of Tampa, and 3.5 hours northwest of Orlando, Florida.

Distances from Florida Cities...

For Florida Residents, here's a list of approximate distances to Cedar Key:

  • Gainesville to Cedar Key: 50 miles
  • Ocala to Cedar Key: 68 miles
  • Jacksonville to Cedar Key: 130 miles
  • Tampa to Cedar Key: 135 miles
  • Orlando to Cedar Key: 145 miles
  • Tallahassee to Cedar Key: 150 miles

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Margarita Villa is a 3 bedroom vacation condo in Old Fenimore Mill in Cedar Key, Florida. Come see us!